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Who Am I?
Name:  Steph
Age:  15
Gender:  female
Height:  5' 5
Appearance: Well, I medium length dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I smile a lot too :D
Passions: BROADWAY fo course! Singing, writing, dance, acting.
Fears: spiders, losing a loved one
Annoyances: my little sister, who is VERY loud and annoying...
Where from: CANADA BABY!

These are a few of my favorite things
Actor/Actress: Idina Menzel, Shoshana Bean, Rosario Dawson
Color: purple and green
Interest: music, theatre, journalism
Broadway Show: Rent and Wicked
Broadway Character: Mimi from Rent and Elphaba from Wicked
Music: anything broadway, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Panic at the Disco, The Fray, 80s
Movie: Rent

Personality Dialysis:
Maturity Level: Im acually really mature for my age. I can act weird at times but Im just having fun! ;D
Leadership skills: I can lead people fine and Im fine with being eld. Doesnt matter to me!
Extrovert or Introvert: A bit of both but Id say more extrovert.
Tidy or Messy: Tidy. Mmm, yepp!

Ahh, no pics! SORRY!
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