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Who Am I?
Name: Kelsey Anne
Age: 18
Gender: female
Height: 5'3" (i grew an's exciting trust me)
Appearance: dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, petite
Passions: musical theatre, photography, singing, acting, my friends, chocolate
Fears: the dark, spiders, bugs in general, and on a deeper not, being alone and/or unloved, losing people i love
Annoyances: arrogant/egotistical people, catty girls (and boys i suppose), people who are mean for fun
Where from: chicago

These are a few of my favorite things
Actor/Actress: broadway- jonathan groff, lea salonga, jonathan pryce, norbert leo butz, shoshanna bean, sutton foster, gavin creel, adam pascal, anthony rapp, tim curry, kerry butler, michael cerveris. other- rachel mcadams, meryl streep, johnny depp, edward norton!
Color: red, purple, blue, it changes.
Interest: musicals, photography, psychology, english
Broadway Show: oh gosh rent, les mis, miss saigon, spring awakening
Broadway Character: maureen, janet van der graaf, mark, moritz
Music: other than broadway- third day, rascal flatts, hellogoodybe, the hush sound, fall out boy's early albums, and panic! at the disco
Movie: waiting for guffman, moulin rouge, airplane!, wayne's world

Personality Dialysis:
Maturity Level: usually very mature.
Leadership skills: i'm quick to jump into leadership positions if i don't trust others i'm working with to do it right or if no one else wants to, otherwise i'd rather follow
Extrovert or Introvert: depends on the day, moment, setting, and who i'm with
Tidy or Messy: messy

A proof from my senior picture shoot.

Prom my junior year.

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