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Who Am I?
Name: Amy
Age: 17 going on 18 in 7 weeks!!
Gender: female
Height: 5'3"
Appearance: Red hair (dyed), blue eyes, very fair skin, pleasently plump
Passions: Singing, reading, writing, animals, music theatre, opera, Disney
Fears: Loud noises that come with things popping out (like someone jumping out from beind somewhere and screaming "BOO!" in my face)
Annoyances: My sister, my best male friend, being bothered when doing something
Where from: Connecticut originally, going to NJ for college

These are a few of my favorite things
Broadway- Idina Menzel, Lea Salonga, Kristin Chenoweth, Tim Curry, Julie Andrews, Sarah Ramirez and Sarah Brightman (who aren't B'Way anymore, but whatever)
Other- Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Tim Curry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, Bill Pullman, Christian Bale, Jodi Benson (voice talent), and I can't think of any more because it's 3 AM, but I'm sure there's a lot!
Color: Pink
Interest: Singing, Musical Theater, Reading, Writing,
Broadway Show: Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Urinetown, Bye Bye Birdie, and (when it comes out and I actually see it) The Little Mermaid
Broadway Character: Belle, Christine, The Phantom, Tracy Turnblad, Miss Pennywise, Little Sally, Officer Lockstock, Kim MacAffee, Conrad Birdie
Music: Josh Groban, Meat Loaf (GOD I LOVE HIM!!!), P!nk, Hilary Duff, Aly & AJ, Saving Jane, Madonna, Starship
Movie: The Little Mermaid, SERENITY!!, The Swan Princess, Beauty and the Beast, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club, Practical Magic, The Craft, Queen of the Damned, Labyrinth

Personality Dialysis:
Maturity Level: I'm can be mature when the situation calls for it, but usually I'm...not immature, but rather young at heart.
Leadership skills: It depends on my mood and the project, but I can be both. A lot of the time I'm forced to take a leadership role because I know otherwise nothing will get done, and I can be a very pushy leader. However, if the group I'm working with actually had the initiative to do something, then I'm just as happy to be a follower or underling, whichever you prefer :)
Extrovert or Introvert?: Extrovert to the nth degree...I am loud, proud, and fun!!
Tidy or Messy: I'm a Virgo. However, I'm a STRANGE Virgo. Virgos are known to be very, very neat. I'm not, usually. However, when I'm living with someone (like my roommate in high school- I went to boarding school), I tend to be very neat, especially if their star sign is one of the messier ones (said roommate was a Pisces-VERY messy!).

I'm not a very spiritual person, I LOVE to have fun and do crazy things (like hang gliding, rappelling of of castles, and bungee jumping- I've done all three!). I'm a very caring person who's very in tune with nature and animals, and I'm going to college to be an opera singer. Music is my true passion in life.

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