Tally (musical_junkie) wrote in broadway_stamps,

Who Am I?
Name: Tally
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Appearance: Skinny, short, shoulder length brown hair, black semi-cat eye glasses, brown eyes
Passions: Broadway, television, fanfiction, speech team, Latin club, Girl Scouts, grammar, names
Fears: I have a really weird irrational fear of a piece of popcorn popping in my mouth. I know that's strange, but it's true.
Annoyances: Bad grammar, misquoting, when people don't know what show a song is from, people kicking the back of my desk, Andrew Lloyd Webber
Where from: Atlanta

These are a few of my favorite things
Actor/Actress: Gilda Radner, Jack Black, Gene Wilder, anybody from the Christopher Guest movies
Color: Turquoise
Interest: gnomes, fanfiction, TiVo, memorizing all of the words to super long and/or fast B'way songs ("Getting Married Today", for example)
Broadway Show: I Love You Because, Spring Awakening, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Forbidden Broadway, [title of show], Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, ...Spelling Bee
Broadway Character: Penny Pingleton- Hairspray
Music: Broadway, Classic Rock, Theme Songs
Movie: Young Frankenstein, The Breakfast Club, Camp, A Mighty Wind

Personality Dialysis:
Maturity Level: I'm pretty mature for my age
Leadership skills: I'm in a lot of leadership roles; Latin Club, various church worship teams
Extrovert or Introvert: Extrovert
Tidy or Messy: Organized Chaos

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